Three Surfboards One North Shore Swell | Into the Wave, Ep. 3

Sylvio Mancusi is a man on a mission: to surf and kitesurf the best waves in the world. After catching a sizable swell at Jaws last week, he hops over to the North Shore of Oahu in this video for a shot at the famous/infamous surf spot, Pipeline. It’s not an easy wave to surf but Sylvio snags a few beasts before the wind once again turns in the wrong direction for surfing and he ‘has to’ head to Mokuleia, one of the most consistent kitesurfing spots on the island. Eventually both the wind and the swell get the better of him and he changes crafts for a third time, busting out the jet ski for a quick tow-in session while dressed as the green Power Ranger. Say what you want about his fashion choices, the man knows how to take advantage of a swell.