Surf&Yoga: Riscaldamento pre-surf

L’Importanza del riscaldamento prima di una session di surf. Prepara il tuo corpo e la mente per l’azione in acqua.


Warm-up your muscles with this fun routine to prepare your body and mind for action in the water or riding on the mountain. It’s crucial to take the time for a quick and effective warm-up before your sport to prevent injuries and enhance your performance.
If surfing is your life, then make sure you are able to surf FOR life!

Please consult a medical professional if you have any concerns or questions before beginning the program.

Amanda Kriebel DPT, E-RYT | Doctor of Physical Therapy and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Instagram: @amanda.kriebel

Video Credit: Micaela Malmi | | Instragram: @micaelamalmi_photography