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Surfrider Foundation Europe
launches its 19th Ocean Initiatives

Surfrider Foundation Europe is launching its 19th Ocean Initiatives, which will
take place from 20th to 23rd March 2014. After the success in 2013 of the
campaign against single-use plastic bags, Surfrider has decided to focus this
year’s campaign upstream and downstream. This campaign is once again
an opportunity for Surfrider to take the viewpoints of the growing number of citizens
involved in the fight against marine litter to the national and European level.
Raising awareness
and getting the wider public involved
80% of marine litter comes from the land. For this reason, this year’s aim is to make people
aware that an apparently harmless action like dropping litter on the ground, even if one lives in a
town, could have consequences for the marine environment.
Each year the Ocean Initiatives bring together thousands of people from all over the
world. The aim of these litter collections on the beach and also inland, on riverbanks or on
the shorelines of lakes, is to raise awareness among the wider public about the issue of
marine litter that is found in great quantities on the coast and in the oceans. This citizen
involvement is not in vain and gives more weight to lobbying by Surfrider with the aim of
making regulations evolve and fighting against marine litter in Europe.
Humans: the source and solution of pollution
on the coast and in the oceans
Almost 6.5 billion kilos of plastic litter is poured into the oceans every year. Although
the litter comes from many sources, this pollution does have one thing in common: Humans. Our
consumption and production patterns are today’s cause of pollution on the coasts and in the
oceans and it is therefore up to us to act. The Ocean Initiatives are an opportunity for each one
of us to get as involved as we can by organising or taking part in a litter collection action near our
homes. Surfrider sends an educational kit to each organiser to help them with their collection.
Surfrider wants to go even further this time and bring a more scientific angle to the collections
by involving the participants. The organisers are therefore invited to complete a report form after
each collection basing themselves on the already existing quantification guidelines, in order to
help Surfrider to establish the full picture of litter found on different coastlines like last year.
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