Surfrider Foundation 25° Anniversario

25 Years

Surfrider celebrates its 25th anniversary this year; and if I am totally honest with you, I would say that it has been 25 years too many. 25 years during which the oceans have been polluted, damaged, and harmed. 25 years during which we have been fighting those who threaten them.

Since 1990, Surfrider has seen many victories. A great number of its campaigns, from marine litter to climate change, have known major breakthroughs.

If no battle is ever lost, no victory is ever complete. Every time a stretch of beach or a wave are threatened, we will be there to protect them. In 2015, France is going to host the COP21. This is a rendezvous with history, and a crucial opportunity to save the planet.

In 2015, together, let us place the oceans at the heart of the environmental negotiations.

In 2015, together, let us carry on the momentum.

Gilles Asenjo,

President of Surfrider Foundation Europe