Surfilm TOUR HELSINKI Kontrasti 2015


We are pleased to announce our first collaboration with Kontrasti 2015 – SurfilmTOUR HELSINKI to bring a cutting edge surf film selection to the big screen in their local spot in Helsinki on may 22nd. A frigid waters country with elusive waves but a super original approach to the culture, seen in epic films such as Finnsurf.

It is a honor to collaborate with Surf Suomi preparing this selection for their second yearly event. A program which is a proclaim for warm waters and passion:

70´s e tal, dir. Rafael Mellina, a fast paced documentary about that golden era in Brasil but with a contemporary look.

Itsasoa eta Lehorra, by Patrick Tref. An abstract and poetic work, the process of the creation and the destruction of Jim Denevan’s art work in Mundaka.

Los Buscagigantes, by Rodrigo Farias. Ramón Navarro and Cristian Merello, together with Uti, local of Isla de Pascua, on an epic session in Rapa Nui.

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