Shaper Luke Budd returns to Portugal on 30 May


Luke Budd, now an internationally travelled shaper in Europe, Brazil and South Africa returns to Portugal on 30 May. 


He is a born and bred South African competitive surfer who has being shaping professionally for 18 years. His curriculum advocates the creation of high performance surfboards incorporating the latest modern designs in today’s surfing trends for both professional surfers and recreational surfers. After shaping very closely with Peter Daniels for 10 years he has also had the opportunity to work amongst leading shapers such as Matt Biolos, Wade Tokoro, Chilli, Xanadu, Pat Rawson and many others.


He has now united with Jobsite Surfboards in a joint venture to produce premium international quality surfboards. He arrives in Portugal to present his new designs from recently working in Brazil and South Africa. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your new board with the latest designs for summer 2013 in Europe.


We can ship the boards to any spot in Europe!!


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photo: Pedro  Mestre