SurFilm Festibal 2015





















PATAGONIA present:

SurFilm Festibal 2015

Chile, Japan, Surf and Architecture & more

This year we will once again break ranks with the festival scene establishment through our international programme.

The art direction is the work of a fascinating collective of Japanese surfers and artists, with Keiichiro Mukai as creative director and big names involved as Taishi Hirokawa and Taro Tamai.

Hermosa partícula shortfilm

A Look Ahead At The Programme:

El Hijo del Pescador, the brilliant new film directed by Chris Malloy, will be presented by its protagonist, Ramón Navarro, in an open-air projection in Sagüés on June 27th.

La Primera Ola world premiere, dir. Pedro Temboury. A thorough excavation of the archives to bring us the first ever documentary about the history of surfing in Spain.

Surf=Civilisation and Barbarism, exhibition. From the 60´s when surfing was a fringe sport, and beaches were heavens, to nowadays when surfing is a mass sport in many places, surfers have been, in some cases, actors of an aggressive development, and a close spectator in others.

None of this would be possible without our small family of sponsors and collaborators, artists and friends, THANKS!

We hope to make it yet another historic edition of the festival!

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