Malcolm CAMPBELL in march 2015 at UWL WORKSHOP



2014 was the year that broke all records for Campbell Brothers. 
It was never shaped many Bonzer by Malcolm in the world.
With a waiting list of more than two months late in the year, we had to be patient to have his surfboard Bonzer 3 or 5.

January 2015 makeover of the new store BONZER FRONT in Hawaii, a new french website, Malcolm shaper starts his world tour by the UWL workshop in France !

Early March, Malcolm will shape in France some bonzers for all Europeans surfers.
That 45 years that Malcolm and his brother Duncan invented Bonzer system during summer 1970 in California.
The result is a multiple concave to efficiently organize water flow, plus, for the first time 3 fins!

Today all Professional surfers have a bonzer in their quiver (Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning , Rob MACHADO , Taylor Knox , Joel Tudor , Mikala Jones, Ellis Ericson , Alex Knost …).
More than a piece of history, or a piece of the evolution of the culture of surfing, the Bonzer are surfboards vanguard that never end to amaze by their performances.

With 14 models available at all levels, an experienced and attentive to your shaper needs, you can only find your happiness…
Demand an orginal Bonzer by the authentic American shaper Malcolm Campbell.

More info : or 05 46 27 00 27

The Bonzer is the archetype of the modern surfboard. It was the first tri-fin surfboard (Dec. 1970). Although unbeknownst to us, others were working on a three fin design of there own. There was a big difference between the two fin setups. They had half moon shaped side fins placed behind the center fin, and our keel shaped side fins were placed forward of the center fin. Almost four decades of success for the Bonzer, and almost three for the Thruster, we have demonstrated the archetypal nature of our original design concept.

There are two main characteristics that establish the Bonzer as an archetype.

– Our establishment of the triangular arrangement of the three fins, with side fins placed forward of the center fin. The side fins were placed 10 1/2” to 12” from the tail and 1 1/2” to 1 3/8” from the rail. They were also towed in toward the nose at what has become the standard angle

– Our design and development of the single to double concave (double through the fin area) bottom. This bottom contour was designed to work in conjunction with the fins to organize the water flow through the tail area.




















en sur-mesure par son inventeur.

Avec ses 60 ans passés, le californien & créateur du Bonzer revient à l’atelier UWL pour une session shape exceptionnelle.

Il reste encore quelques places, c’est le moment de bénéficier de 47 ans d’expériences dans le shape pour avoir LA planche de votre quiver !

That’s official, Malcolm come at UWL Workshop in the begining of March 2015.
Ready for Bonzer shape by Malcolm himself  ?