Kelly Slater Surfs With Shark

There’s a Go-Pro challenge going on with the 2014 Drug Aware Pro. It’s a simple contest: best Go-Pro clip from the waiting period wins $10K. A lot of WCTers have climbed aboard the selfie train, hoping to arrive at that 5-figure last stop. One such surfer is Kelly Slater. The King took his Go-Pro out at The Box and on one wave, HOLY SHIT A SHARK. A fish of sorts appears in the wave face at the :17 second mark and, apparently it has Great White written all over it. Now, we’re no marine biologists (although our Online Editor claims to have met Quint from Jaws at an Applebees once), but we are not seeing the shark here. If we were to guess, we’d say it’s either a manta ray or a gaudy way to generate buzz — both dangerous animals in their own right. But, if nothing else, let’s just hope this clip wins the GoPro challenge. Kelly’s unsponsored; he probably needs the loot.