Introduzione al Geoblank Surfboard


“La costruzione di una tavola in Geoblank ha la capacità di distribuire  il carico di peso in maniera completamente diversa sulla tavola, attraverso i collegamenti/longheroni delle sezioni esagonali geodetiche di schiuma”

“The Geoblanks do have the ability to spread the load through the network of stringers that are created due to the modular construction and this design principle is inherently stronger.”

Guy Walker


The latest innovation to hit the market is Geoblanks. Geoblanks are the brainchild of freesurfer-cum-inventor, Guy Walker, and they’re an entirely new way to construct a surfboard and improve its performance.

Inspired by the design functionality of the geodesic dome, hexagonal foam cores of varying density are fused together to alter strength and flex patterns. Swellnet recently spoke to Walker about the world’s first modulated foam blank.