Hunting Barrels Under The Northern Lights In Iceland

Iceland is a special place, it’s constantly evolving as volcanos spew their guts and glaciers shed their gelid skins. The Atlantic diversions crew, Chris McClean and Noah Lane, arrived in a storm and headed to the remote west to seek shelter, stumbling upon a river bank along the way that coughed up fun waves for hours. After retracing their steps south to await the next swell they hit the tourist trail: waterfalls, ice lakes and epic campsites. When the next storm hit they found a right point reeling beside a man-made break water. The waves never hit the epic proportions expected, but the experience was unforgettable: “You drive around Iceland with your mouth agape,” says filmmaker, Chris. “Every twist in the road delivers something new, sleeping under Northern Lights won’t be forgotten in a hurry. I can’t wait to get back and hopefully next time Ægir (Norse god of the sea) will send us a few more waves.”