Eurosima Surf Summit 2015: October 8-9


Surf Summit 2015: October 8-9, 2015

Where the action sports industry comes together

The EuroSIMA Surf Summit brings together 200 attendees, employees and CEOs from the action sports industry, for two days of conferences to participate in constructive and informative seminars and workshops.

The Summit aims to foster ideas, debates and discussion on various issues with the participation and perspective of international experts from outside the industry.

The Summit will take place right alongside the Surfing Lounge exhibit at the Belambra Club Les Estagnots in Seignosse, France.

Flash back on the high points of the Surf Summit 2014


The desire to federate and promote common interests of the boardsports industry originated in the United States in the early 90s, when the leaders of the American brands felt the need to master the various trends emerging from the explosion of this market.

In this context, SIMA was created (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association,, which according to the saying, “strength through unity”, has been able to unite and structure surf brands enabling them to evolve together, while keeping in mind and respecting the “boardriding spirit”.

1999 – Creation of the European SIMA

A few years later, leading European brands such as Rip Curl, Billabong, Quiksilver, Rusty, Gotcha and Hoff, decided to launch the same experience and in 1999 created EuroSIMA (European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) on the same ideas as its American model.

2005 – All boardsports

Building on its solid success, EuroSIMA opened its membership to companies of all “boardsports” origins : surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding and created a “Mountain Division“. Since then, many events and actions took place in the sector and EuroSIMA is now recognized as theEuropean Association of boardsports industrials.

2008 – Development of the boardsports sector in the Aquitaine region of France

The association integrated the EuroSIMA Cluster to create a network of private and public actors, focused on the promotion and development of the boardsports sector in the Aquitaine region of France. This association of private and public actors has enabled EuroSIMA to considerably increase its span of action in such fields as innovation and R&D, employment and training, sustainable development and economic resources.

2014 – EuroSIMA collaborates with Outdoor Sports Valley

OSV and EuroSIMA, two associations that respectively represent the interests and the development of the outdoor and action sports industries, have taken their existing partnership to the next level by merging their services. This collaborative approach was implemented with the objective of offering a wider range of services to the combined 340 members of the two associations and to continue providing active representation of the industry at a national and European level.

EuroSIMA data

– 118 members
– 75 brands
– 43 service providers

Members turnover : 1.4 billion Euros