3FWB – Corsica&Sardinia Movie

Sardegna e Corsica,  2014/2015: le infinite possibilità per il surf e lo snowboard nelle due isole in inverno.

Third year – third trip. This year we explored the islands Corsica and Sardinia again with our mate “HORST”. Got to know some fascinating landscape and great possibilites for surfing and snowboarding.

Benno, Matthias & Maximilian


Produced by
Maximilian Meisberger, Benno Postert, Matthias Reif

Filmed/Edited by
Markus Klaes

Photographs by

Matthias Reif, Benno Postert, Maximilian Meisberger, Alexander Bergmann, Giovanni Cossu

All people who helped to realize that project
Christian Kramer, Lars Österle, Tobias Winkel, Bernhard Altmanniger, Gerd Weisner, Delko Canda, Petra Reindl, Jochen Bauer, Elisabeth Obermoser, Christian Wander, Carlos Blanchard, Alex Bergmann, Michi Baumgartner, Andrea Bianchi, Maxime Bartoli, Lucien Bartoli, Giovanni Cossu, Manlio Longinotti, Stefano Mainiero, Nils Karrer, Ivan Ebner, Peter Oberberger, Pascal Casabianca